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It’s time to take control of your life.  Credo Compass Transformation provides a safe, proven, natural treatment for the relief of stress and anxiety, without the use of drugs or side-effects.

Welcome, I’m Ingrid Sutherland.  As a fully-trained and certified Hypnotherapist, I empower and free those looking for self-help and self-control.  Hypnotherapy is about teaching people how to enhance control over their brains and bodies, not lose it. My expertise focuses on struggling college freshman and parents, as well as women struggling to get pregnant with fertility issues, all located in Westchester County, NY.  Through my practice, hypnosis is know to be a proven, alternative healing method used to create subconscious change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and feelings.  Together, we can make a positive change for a better, more fulfilling life.

“Ingrid is someone who I am personally able to go to for advice of any kind. She’s very compassionate and a great listener. She has a calming quality about her that when I talk to her I know I am not judged but am cared for. It’s very rare these days to find a person that one can confide in. I am very thankful I have Ingrid in my life as it has only made mine brighter.”

– Lori R., Mahopac, NY

“Ingrid is so passionate about her work. She truly cares about helping people and it shows.”

– Kathy A., Yorktown, NY

“I have known Ingrid Sutherland for some time now. She is hard working, has tremendous integrity, and trustworthy. I would vouch for her ability to be helpful and healing to anyone who works with her.”

– Jennifer Z., Mt. Kisco, NY

“Ingrid has integrity and and a passion for the individual. You leave learning more about yourself.”

– Kate S., Rye, NY

“Ingrid has a great sense of humor. She will have you laughing in no time.”

– Lynn G., Beacon, NY

College Students

Are you a struggling college freshman having a hard time adjusting to college life?  I can help you improve your study skills, reduce test anxiety and build your social confidence.

College Parents

Do you worry about your son or daughter adapting to college and getting good grades? Only 50% of college freshmen this year will graduate in four years.  I can help them get on the right track now.

Let’s Talk

With my help, hypnosis sessions show to be an effective remedy for relieving stress and anxiety disorders with a fraction of time and budget compared to traditional methods.

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