How To Keep Your Brain Young

How to remind yourself? We are creatures of habit, I know I am, so how do you remember to start a new habit?  The best way I remind myself is to keep have a physical reminder. Use a physical reminders So, for example, I'll put bracelet or one of those rubber bands on my wrist [...]

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5 Tips To Deal With Rejection

It's the negative comment that stick, aren't they? I'll share an example with you.  For years my mother has told me, and anyone else who cared to listen, that she had broad shoulders. When I was a child I didn't blink at the comment.  I didn't think twice about shoulders.  I did understand that she [...]

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I Dare You To Swim Across The Hudson River

  At a scrawny 14 years old my grandmother was dared by a classmate to swim across the Hudson River.  My grandmother, named Minetta, accepted and at by the end of the school day a curious crowd of children trailed down to the bank of the Hudson on the west side of Manhattan. Now facing [...]

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What Is Hypnosis, Really?

Scientific studies show how hypnosis can treat everything from chronic pain to anxiety to poor study habits and beyond.  Chances are, it can also work for you. Gone are the days that the word “hypnosis” conjures notions of the supernatural or parlor tricks. Real hypnosis is a clinical tool frequently used by psychiatrists and now, [...]

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Morning Habit Of The Successful

We all know that pulling feeling of procrastination.  Oh, it is strong, isn't it? Jen Sincero, the author of You Are A Badass, tells a story about how she prepared to write her book.  She "spent an entire month preparing my office... I got just the right chair, put the desk in the perfect place [...]

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“It Is A Beautiful Glass”

It is gratitude that gets us through the difficult times. Use meditation, that time to be alone in the stillness, helps move towards the perspective of gratitude.  I offer a free guide, 8 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress to help anyone who might benefit. We are all human.  If you are moving through a difficult transition [...]

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