I Dare You To Swim Across The Hudson River


At a scrawny 14 years old my grandmother was dared by a classmate to swim across the Hudson River.  My grandmother, named Minetta, accepted and at by the end of the school day a curious crowd of children trailed down to the bank of the Hudson on the west side of Manhattan.

Now facing a growing audience of classmates, Minetta jumped in and swam to the other side of the Hudson River, a little less than a mile wide.  She rested a moment and then began swimming back home.

This was the difficult part, she always reflected.  Naturally, Minetta’s body was getting tired and cold but that was expected.  That wasn’t the hard part.  The difficult part was her mind.

The dangers and gravity of the situation began to occur to her 14 year old mind.  The very real possibility of being pulled out to the Atlantic Ocean by the current only then dawned on her.  Luckily, my grandmother made it safely to the other side and collected her bragging rights.

FYI: I never plan on telling my children this story because, for the record, I do not believe anyone should be jumping over canyons in motorcycles, swimming across major rivers or crossing skyscrapers on tightropes.  These are foolhardy events reserved only for reality television characters, to be observed from the safety of your couch.

But, life is full of challenges, pleasant and unpleasant, and sometimes we must jump onto the river, excuse the metaphor, and start swimming.  Meditation and hypnosis are two excellent ways to improve your mental/emotional resilience and strength.

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Honestly, you can meditate on your own and can practice self-hypnosis.  That is how I got started.  Carving out the time and space to meditate can be difficult, I agree.

You would have liked my grandmother.  I heard that Hudson River swimming story many times and never, never once, did she telling me not to swim across the Hudson.  Instilling fear was not the point of the story for her.  My grandmother wanted me to think through challenges before I jumped it, practice long-term thinking.  To know beforehand that that last lap home was going to be difficult but to persist.

And know you know her lesson as well.

Focus on the good!  Empower the positive!  You are enough!

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