How To Keep Your Brain Young

How to remind yourself?

We are creatures of habit, I know I am, so how do you remember to start a new habit?  The best way I remind myself is to keep have a physical reminder.

Use a physical reminders

So, for example, I’ll put bracelet or one of those rubber bands on my wrist as physical reminder do something new in the morning.  Sometimes I’ll brush my teeth with the opposite hand.  Another physical reminder might be a bandaid.  That might remind me to to open doors with my another hand. An adventurous idea would be to try using your fork with your non dominate hand.  Have fun and use your imagination!

Personal Challenge: Explore 1 new place each week!

Last summer I decided to visit a brand new place each week.  Since I’ve lived in the same area for a long time this was a challenge.  I decided that it didn’t have to be a special tourist place, just a new location.  It really made me think outside of the box.  I found myself using a new post office, I visited a tiny, local airport, I stopped at farms selling produce – I had to think out of the box.

The personal challenge allowed me to visit all of the amazing spots I had heard about for years but never saw myself.  All those places you think look interesting but pass by are worth a stop, if just to look around.  When all of the beautiful, touristy locations were gone, then I had to get resourceful and venture out of my comfort zone.  It was liberating to push past old routines!

Take action steps!

Visiting 1 new place every week doesn’t sound like much when I write it down, but the challenge changed how I looked at the same old ordinary world around me.  I understand that to keep your brain young, you need to feed it new experiences.  Embrace a new skill or a hobby you always wanted to try.  Kick a ball around with a child or get messy with an art project.  Follow you heart!

Don’t take my word for it.  Think up your own challenge, even if you are brushing your teeth with a different hand.  Don’t be surprised if you feel lighter and happier during the change.  Stretching in a new direction makes the brain happy!

Focus on the good!  Empower the positive!  You are enough!

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