Meditation in McDonald’s Parking Lot


A bag of fries next to me, I sat in my car and wept.  I wasn’t upset about the fries.  They were hot and salty…

I was undergoing a divorce and my life, as I had known it, was in a state to meltdown.  I reached for a takeout napkin to wipe my face and took deep breaths in an effort to calm down.  The clouds in the sky seemed so serene.  Why wouldn’t I find that serenity in myself?

Of course, I knew how to find that peace inside, through meditation, but I was on the hamster wheel of reacting to my life….and meditation seemed hard, too hard.  Like dieting, I thought I would begin when the time seemed, well, better.  Who was I kidding?

I blew my nose on another napkin.  I knew that if I was going to improve my life in anyway, then the change had to start with me.  Yes, with me, by me, for me.  I filled my lungs and sighed.

Right there, in the parking lot of McDonald’s (No shame – okay, a fair amount of shame.) I closed my eyes and went through the imagery steps to meditation.

That is how I got started with meditation.  Yes, in a fast food parking lot.  Like most people, I had read all of the beneficial effects of quieting the mind.  I had been attempting to meditate about 20 minutes everyday but it was more like 10 minutes 3 times a week.  Okay, I see that doubtful look…twice a week.

The truth was that once I was in meditation I felt love, peace, all the good stuff they talk about.  I’m not kidding.  Meditation makes you feel fantastic but it is finding the times and using the steps to get into that state that stops most people….myself included.   We are all busy, right?

So I started to find other way to get into meditation, trying other techniques and in the process my meditation practice became more frequent and regular.  Sometimes I even meditated inside buildings instead of my car.  (Laugh here.)

I started to learn how the brain changes, physically, with meditation.  Eventually, the exploration of neuroscience led me to hypnosis as well and that is how I got started on my journey.

Focus on the good!  Empower the positive!  You are enough!

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