Morning Habit Of The Successful

We all know that pulling feeling of procrastination.  Oh, it is strong, isn’t it?

Jen Sincero, the author of You Are A Badass, tells a story about how she prepared to write her book.  She “spent an entire month preparing my office… I got just the right chair, put the desk in the perfect place by the window, organized all the materials I needed and then reorganized them -three times- cleaned the place until you could perform surgery on the floor, and then proceeded to write the entire thing at my kitchen table.”

Yes, I’ve been there, been there for days.  I spent years putting off certain uncomfortable, I’d-rather-not conversations.  Admit it, you know what I am talking about.

Sincero wisely comments, “procrastination is one of the most popular forms of self-sabotage because it is really easy.”

That made me sit up.  I hadn’t thought of procrastination as self-sabotage before.  She is right, of course, but now the thought of putting things off had a sinister edge to it.

There was something deeper there, just at the edge of that pool I ought to look at.  Of course, I wanted to put off asking the next question.  No, I’m gonna do it.  Would you do it with me?

The real question is: Why would I want to sabotage myself?

Well, that is a real Pandora’s Box, isn’t it?  I got all kinds of answers come up.  I’m not worth it, you’ll never finish it, success isn’t for you, stay where you are, change is bad, change is scary…..

What I see is that that voice inside switched from first person to third person, like someone was talked to me instead of me talking to myself.  So that is the voice I need to recognize and turn down.

The second element I noticed was that my answers went from reflecting low self-esteem issues to fear based thinking.  I want to say that is the reptilian part of my brain talking but the truth is that I recognize that voice from my childhood.  A familiar voice.

I’m going to have to deal with that one but it will be a long term process.  I’m going to have to remain aware of the thoughts and internal reactions when I am putting something off.


Do I want to be successful?  Of course.  I believe Marisa Peer’s observations about successful people are correct.  When I am putting something off it is usually one of the first things I think of when I wake up…..and then I put it off.  Life gets busy, right?

So, change is good.  Change is unavoidable.  Change is exciting.  Change is constant, so I must adapt.  I will focus on doing one thing that I don’t want to do in the morning.

I can do this and so can you.

Focus on the good!  Empower the positive!  You are enough!

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