Be A Rainbow In The Clouds by Maya Angelou

My maternal grandfather was one of those men who carried invisible authority.  There was gravity in his gaze.

He was kind and I never heard him raise his voice.  The fact that he wasn’t vocal meant nothing.  Every eye was on him. He was the wise one.  His power was in his silence.  Have you ever known someone like that?

He had a smooth silver letter opener that he liked to tap on the table.  It was a noise so familiar that no one heard it.  A problem or situation might be presented and them there would be the tap, tap.  My grandfather thought about what he wanted to say first and sometimes that took some time.

In the pause, through the tapping, there was time to reflect on the situation.  As Maya Angelou eloquently says in the video clip, “Be a blessing to somebody”.  Simple but profound advice.  A good way to steer your compass.  Often, when we give predicaments thought and time we have a chance to examine the situation from another angle, a chance to see multiple sides of the situation. 

There is time to consider the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  We all want to see good in the world and the way to do that is to do good in the world.  “Be a blessing to somebody” is another way to say it.  Like sunshine, there will always be clouds.  Each of us has a choice in seeing the rainbows.

I’m sure you have encountered someone like my grandfather, someone who would pause and let you discover that you, yourself, was wise enough to know the answer to your problems all along.  All you had to do was stop and let the wisdom rise within you.

Invariably, the right thing to do is the kind thing, to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds, to  “be a blessing” in the situation.  But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Focus on the good!  Empower the positive!  You are enough!

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